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RAM Players Mods DDoS Protection Price
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  • Free Web Hosting
    With all servers, we provide free web hosting, this can either be on a free sub-domain we provide or one you have purchased yourself.
  • Free MySQL
    Deploy a free MySQL database on your web hosting package at anytime.
  • DDoS Protected
    Sometimes script kiddies can get jealous of how awesome your Garry’s Mod server is, and try to take it down, no worries! We have 640Gbps global DDoS filtering capacity.
  • Free Enjin
    Enjin allows you to build your very own community website, collect donations and chat with players.
  • Free Mod Installation
    Having trouble installing an addon or Rust server mod? No worries, just ask our amazing support team to do it for you.

Included Gamemodes

Worldwide Terraria Hosting Locations

Be assured that your server will remain online and lagg free during even the largest of DDoS attacks, below are just a few of our worldwide packet scrubbing points, that make sure only player traffic gets to your server, 24 hours a day.

  • London (2) Telehouse/Level3
  • Frankfurt (3), Equinix FR5/Interxion/NewTelco
  • Bucharest (3), Voxility IRD/NXData-1/NXData-2
  • Washington, Equinix DC2
  • Miami, Terremark, “NAP of the Americas”
  • Los Angeles, Equinix LA1

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