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What is Terraria

This is my favorite survival game of all time. Some call it a “2D Minecraft.” The truth is, Terraria is much better than Minecraft. Terraria also has hundreds of more objects, items, weapons, tools, and blocks than Minecraft. Minecraft wishes it was Terraria.

You start off in the world by creating your own personalized character and generating a world. In that world you will find yourself in a wooded area that encompasses most of the world. You are not alone, however. You spawn with an ally named Jeffrey. He can shoot his bow to defend you against the likes of slimes, zombies, and demon eyes. Create houses and you can bring in more people who you can trade coins with to get cool items and weapons. You get coins by killing monsters and looting chests and jars.

One time I summoned Skeletron and I fell into a corruption pit. I went into a tunnel as he slung his heads and boney hands at me, but he was no match for my laser gun and meteor armor. Terraria is awesome!

The best part of Terraria is the sense of exploration. The caves are absolutely massive. They are so massive, some caves have their own biomes, such as an ice cave or granite cave that has granite golems and other monsters. Caves are riddled with jars and chests. Break the jars to find some useful items like torches and coins. Open the chests and you can find all sorts of goodies like weapons. The deeper you go down, the better the rewards. And man, is this game rewarding.

There is a structure called a hellivator that can lead a player to fall all the way to the bottom of the world to the Underworld biome. For a sense of scale, it takes just under a minute to reach the bottom. Now imagine that, and it takes more than six minutes to cross the entire procedurally generated world of Terraria from end to end. That’s a lot of space to explore. Adventure is waiting around every corner.

It is so satisfying to constantly level up your weapons, tools, and armor. You find ores and you can smelt them into bars. The thing is though, not all the ores are found in one world. You have to explore multiple worlds to find the materials you need to craft items. This adds tons of replay value. Of course, you could also find good loot by beating Skeletron and raiding a dungeon. These aren’t your typical Minecraft dungeons either. These dungeons are huge, hard as hell and full of loot. There are also mobs specific to just that dungeon that are given buffs with water candles.

There are also 29 bosses for you to fight. These bosses aren’t easy like the ender dragon. These bosses are actually tough and you need to beat them to progress through the game to hard mode. So grab your best gear and prepare for the fight of your life.